We Do Photography:

     We've been know to take a few photos - like the over 10,000 photographs we took for the rebuilding of the Wimer Covered Bridge. We can take a few photos of your event as well.
     We do school, home-schooled annual photographs, yearbook, business and ID photography.
     We also do Private sittings and Boudoir - but we don't do full view nudes. All "Private" photography require you have at least one other person there at the time of the shooting & we securely delete all copies of these photographs after you've selected the one (or ones) you want and they are put on a disc and delivered to you. We do not keep copies - that's what makes them "Private"
     We also go beyond just taking photography, we also fix old photos. From Restoration to Colorization to Photographic Manipulation, we know our way around photographs.
     We are located in Southern Oregon & rarely travel out of this area to photograph events.
     Please, view our Photo Galleries a look at what we can do photographically. This should give you a better idea on what we can do for you.
          Photo Gallery
          Rebuilding the Wimer Covered Bridge Photo Galleries
          Evans Valley Fire District #6 Photo Galleries
               (Note: not all the photos in the EVFD gallery were taken by catNcap photographers!)


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